Valley Churches United Missions serves the members of the San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley and more with the following projects; emergency food distribution, direct aid assistance for ‘crisis rent’, utility and medical needs, educational supplies and disaster relief.

For people who have fallen on hard times or just need a helping hand, our food distribution program and other crises assistance is truly a life-saving mission.Valley Churches United Mission’s educational supply drive fills hundreds of backpacks each year for children who otherwise would start school at a disadvantage. The donations from our generous donors allow this program to flourish each year.

In times of disaster Valley Churches United Missions is there, no matter the time of day or night, how large or small the scope of the disaster, VCUM prides itself on being the “disaster relief center for the community.” Sandbags, updates, batteries, food supplies, VCUM is there!

Special Holiday Projects for Valley Churches United Missions include:

Also, Valley Churches United Missions has a year round project, Buck for Hunger.

Additionally, VCUM provides aid to Grey Bears Food Distributions.

For a "Look" at some of VCUM Current Projects, click here.

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